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Title: I am a rock
Artist: Simon and Garfunkel
Character: HOUSE
Reason: I think the idea of House being a rock or an island is pretty accurate. And I think the tone or mood the song sets is a light one despite it being about being alone, kind of like the front House puts up and pretends everything is fine even though it's not. While I can't actually picture House listening to this song, it makes me think of him when I listen to it.


Inspired by my discovery of House's new kicks in upcoming eps.
Link to purchase the kicks:

Visit hughbunnies for the spoiler pics [not too spoliery just enough to show his shoes]

Title: It keeps you running
Artist: The Doobie Brothers
Character: House
Reason: I can picture this as a bit of a guilty pleasure song for House. It's kind of a reflection type song, looking back on hiding things and being lonely.
But it's up for your own interpretation. And it's been stuck in my head.

Lyrics | The Doobie Brothers - It Keeps You Runnin’ lyrics


Well hello again. I guess I didn't give this community enough TLC and am going to try again.
I must get back into the House music swing of things.

I'm not sure that I will post every Tuesday, but I will try to post every week.
I need feedback from you followers out there!! Like the song, let me know, hate it let me know also.
Communities are called communities for a reason, give me something please!!

So with all that said I guess I should update a new song huh!!

Just so happens that "Pay for What You Get" just shuffled it's stunning little ass across my speakers. And House could listen to it I believe.

Song: Pay for what you get
Artist: Dave Matthews Band and Tim Reynolds
Character: House
Reason: It's chill, quiet, makes you think a bit with the twisty lyrics.

30 March 2009 @ 07:10 pm
I am currently trying to set up a blip.fm account for this community so I can just post songs using that site and you can hear them. I know I've been slacking here, but no one commented on my absence so I continued to slack.

Let me know what you like and don't like.
Feedback feeds this community. If I'm wasting my time please let me know.

Title: Good love is on the way
Artist: John Mayer
Reason: I just hit shuffle to come up with a song today and this one the lyrics just reminded me of House. Lyrics like:

I'm a lazy lover
Wasting time
Then one day in summer
I changed my number
To cut my line

3 years broken hearted
But now her ghost is finally gone
Done with broken people
This is me
I'm working on (all i know)

(lyrics from http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Good-Love-Is-On-The-Way-lyrics-John-Mayer/D09DAE8C0FDAC1B4482570D100177B91 )

The melody is nice both acoustic or electric. I enjoy it.


The song this week is You Better You Bet by The Who.
I chose this song because it's very House to say "You better" when someone [like Wilson or whoever you ship] says "I love you". The lyrics are great, the song is great, The Who is great.
I can see House listening to this song as well as putting it in the show.

[House's you better face, well one of them]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rm54hhLceo view link to hear the song.

The lyricsCollapse )
Title: When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
Character: House
Reason: When I was listening to this song I actually came up with the idea for this community. After watching "The Softer Side" and listening to the songs he listened to in that episode I got this song in my head and while listening to it I could see him walking to the beat as well as visualized him listening to it.